Venture Learning’s mission is to ensure that every student, regardless of their academic ability, behavioural history, ethnicity or socio-economic background is offered meaningful educational experiences and opportunities to achieve.

The Brief

Venture Learning came to Ginger Root before they had a brand identity of their own. The Team at Venture Learning wanted a bold, bright brand for the new local school, so the Design Team put together a number of contemporary, young and vibrant logo designs with a variety of colour palettes. The school is pupil centric with education and support bespoke to each student’s individual needs and requirements. Due to their unique and refreshing approach to education, they wanted a brand that reflected this and which stood out as modern and fresh.

Ideas & Concepts


The Approach

A number of differing concepts were produced and presented to the team at Venture Learning and the chosen design was then developed. This along with the chosen colour palette was further developed and rolled out across internal and external marketing collateral. Making use of the ‘V’ and ‘L’ of Venture Learning, a 3D logo that could be used in a number of different iterations and formats was created and chosen as the final brand design. It creates a modern, minimalist feel and doesn’t follow the “typical” styling of school branding. The chosen colours are fun and bright, also suggestive of a different and bold approach to education and working with their goal of “changing perceptions”.

Colour Palettes


The Chosen Logo


Website Design and Build

A website was also designed for Venture Learning based on the approved branding. Our team of in-house web designers and developers built the website to reflect the new brand identity, values of the school and to help showcase relevant information and content details.

Venture Learming Website