Top 3 most memorable social media campaigns of 2019

2019: The year of Brexit, Rugby and great Social Media strategies


‘Statista’ estimates that there were a whopping 2.82 BILLION social media users worldwide in 2019. This creates a whole new way for businesses to reach, target and interact with their customers. However, in a busy, fast-paced environment, brands are having to be more and more innovative in order to stand out.

On reflection, 2019’s biggest social media trend was probably ‘unpredictability’. Any guesses on Instagram’s most liked photo? After an image posted by influencer ‘Kylie Jenner’ reached an impressive 18.6 million likes, the internet responded with a photo of an egg, naturally, which saw an even more impressive total of 53.9 million likes… beat that Jenner!








Okay, so that isn’t quite the strategic, effective brand campaign that we’re reflecting on now, but it was pretty innovative.

Here are our top three 2019 social media campaigns by brands who took a fresh (eggless) approach to digital marketing in a bid to stand out from the crowd.



The first appraisal goes to Apple for their unusual strategy on Instagram. Where many see the opportunity to advertise, Apple took this platform as an opportunity to feature real life photography taken by the everyday iPhone user, aka, their own customers. Thus, all Instagram posts on Apple’s profile are sourced through their followers, who caption their photos with ‘#ShotoniPhone’. This is a less overt marketing strategy, that has clearly been effective with the following count reaching 20.6 million in two short years. Using a bespoke hashtag also creates a wave of online discussion, shares and digital brand ambassadors who then showcase the product’s ability on behalf of Apple. Their customers essentially do the selling for them!

This strategy is a genius tactic to create inclusivity and interactivity of customers reflecting well on Apple’s ethos, whilst also creating a great online presence. They also get awesome photos for free – win, win!



ASOS’ marketing team got viral recognition for an act of solidarity towards a female customer that received hurtful comments about her ASOS dress. In response to the online trolling, ASOS used victim Thea’s personal picture as the product’s cover photo on the app and website.

ASOS-dress-app-Social-Media-2019-Ginger-RootNot only did this quick and simple act earn respect from the hundreds of thousands that interacted with the tweet, it also strengthened the brand as they express their “Fashion with Integrity” programme.

One of the four pillars associated with this programme is ‘Our Customers’, whereby ASOS vow to give ‘young people the confidence to be whoever they want to be’.


This highlights the value of your values, and how strength can come from consistently expressing your values to the public and your target market. It also humanises ASOS, diminishing many of the negative connotations some people may associate with big brands.



Missguided show how effective a deep understanding of the customer can be in their 2019 marketing campaign. By creating a highly accurate customer profile, Missguided were able to place their advertising in a very relevant, responsive platform. By recognising the similarities between their customer demographics and those of ‘Love Island’, Missguided discovered the perfect opportunity to collaborate. Consequently, Love Island contestants wore Missguided clothing, advertised through a television advert, product placement and social media accounts. As a result, Missguided witnessed sales spike by 40% every night between 7pm-midnight over eight weeks!

The success of this was achieved by Missguided’s ability to accurately analyse their target market. Knowing the 4 P’s of Marketing is fundamental and highlights the importance of knowing your audience.

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