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1. You’re qualified to be there!


The feeling of inadequacy and imposter syndrome is a hard thing to shake. The switch from student life to the corporate world takes some adjusting and you will at some stage think you aren’t qualified to sit at the adult table. 


I’m here to tell you, that you are. This placement isn’t a test, your manager and colleagues understand you don’t have years of industry experience, and they want to make your transition as comfortable as possible. 


Remember, you didn’t get this placement out of luck, you grafted for it. They chose you because they think you can add something positive to the business. Show them they made the right decision, temp. 


2. You won’t have all the answers right away. 


I spent a large portion of my early weeks, stressing out that I wasn’t pulling my weight. I was drinking the coffee, but I wasn’t paying for my beans (*insert Jack and the beanstalk joke*)


You may feel the same, you may not. If you do, I have three words for you my friend… Trust. The. Process. 


Your first weeks will consist of an in-depth onboarding consisting of understanding the various processes and systems, adapting to the company culture, learning to use different platforms and apps amongst so much more. 


So, relax, your manager is setting you up perfectly, to be the best at what you do. 


3. You’re here to learn. 


I have few regrets from my time at Ginger Root, but one I do have is not being more proactive in my learning. Don’t get me wrong, I learnt how to use Premier Pro, and Google Analytics 4…alongside other skills. I just think you can always learn more and while you have these talented people around you, ask as many questions as you can. 


4. Networking isn’t that bad. 


Networking is like tequila shots, some love it and some hate it, but you will end up doing it. It’s inevitable in your career that you will need to network and with anything, the more you do it the better you get. So why not practice now? I remember my first networking event representing Ginger Root, I was nervous. I was imagining a room full of suits, all primed to interrogate me on the latest stock market fluctuations. It wasn’t like that at all. 


In reality, it was a group of like-minded people, all out of their comfort zone, wanting to talk to you. 


My biggest tip for anyone new to networking is to stop worrying about what witty and insightful thing you are going to say next, just listen and I guarantee you will have something useful to add. 


5. “No” is not in your vocabulary.


If you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win the raffle. ‘What is the raffle?’ I hear you ask; the raffle is experiences. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best metaphor, but my point is that in order to experience everything a placement has to offer, try, and say no to as little things as you can. 


Some of my best memories on my placement have been out-of-work events and spontaneous trips.


Whoever said ‘don’t mix work with pleasure’… was never invited. 

I hope these are useful tips and make your placement experience just that bit easier. At first, you will feel overwhelmed, that’s a given, but allow yourself time to relax and get into the swing of the corporate world. You will smash it!


Oh… one more thing, try not to go out on a weeknight, it’s not the most pleasant of experiences the next day!


Lastly, I want to thank the GR team, before meeting them I thought working was just for monetary gain, but they made coming into the office something I looked forward to. I have many memories from this year. From hiking 25 miles together, where we saw each other at our lowest and highest (literally and emotionally). To the socials we had… I haven’t seen dance moves so liquid since George Sampson’s rendition of Singing in the Rain. 


That’s it then… 


So, to my fellow interns, good luck! You've got this.