The power of creative marketing campaigns

*7am alarm* Blurry eyed, reaching for a hot beverage, you begin your routine; check emails, look at the news and then the social media scroll commences…

Within news feeds we see glamorous sun-filled destinations, beautiful clothing, dreamy interiors and people living their ‘#bestlife’.

Influencer marketing is in abundance and is proven to be incredibly effective for product-based businesses, but where does this leave traditional marketing and service led industries? We highlight some of our favourite creative marketing campaigns that don’t rely on celebrities, a following of over a million and a ‘use my discount code’.

  • Dove – Artist campaign

This marketing campaign is emotive, raw and relatable. It draws upon insecurities yet manages to transform these views into a campaign of confidence and self-belief. This powerful advert successfully communicates its message ‘you’re more beautiful than you think’ without relying on a product or pushing the brand. It uses real people and real emotion, targeting their audience of ‘real women’ superbly.

  • Spotify – Valentines Billboards

Spotify chose the route of humour. It also cleverly mixes the new with the old by analysing ‘user trends’ and then printing the funnier findings onto a traditional billboard and we absolutely love the results! (We’re still also slightly concerned about the person who listened to 4 hours of the “Forever Alone” playlist on Valentine’s Day…)

Spotify Advert Brunch Creative Marketing Campaign  Spotify Advert Valentines Creative Marketing Campaign

  • Metro Trains – “Dumb ways to die”

The Australian company Metro Trains thought of a witty, catchy and informative marketing message warning the public of trainline safety. Why was it so successful though? It’s different, it has no immediate consumer CTA and it’s creative. To date the video has had 169 million views on YouTube. They even created stuffed toys and a game app to further support the campaign.

  • This Girl Can

Simply, a feel good, inspirational creative marketing campaign. It’s a celebration of active women and aims to “help women overcome the fear of judgement”. From the narration and wording to the strong video content, every aspect of this campaign works. It encourages, and it empowers. A great response to the overwhelming world of filters and unrealistic social media expectations.

Of course, some of these are huge brands and already have a sizeable reach, but something that links the four is the genius and creative thought process behind them. Each campaign works. They’re well-mapped out and consist of meticulous market research, split testing and analysis, all pulled together by marketeers and creatives who understand the brand, their audience and the message they need to convey.

The world of marketing is busy, ever changing and competitive, it’s online and offline and needs to work for you and your business. Developing a successful marketing campaign requires research, innovative minds and thought. Beyond the social media influencers, paid promoters and aspirational imagery is traditional marketing with substance. It isn’t a thing of the past, it’s iconic, clever and most importantly, it works.

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