Brand Identity

Motive Fuel

Creation of brand identity for Motive Fuel focused around sustainability.


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Now as a separate entity, Motive Fuel tasked us to create a separate identity for them. The brief requested a new brand be built with a focus on sustainability that consumers could identify with in the race for Net Zero. The scope was to build a brand that was synonymous with making a positive environmental change in the world.

Firstly, our design team built a strategy and narrative that we believed described Motive Fuels brand identity and values perfectly. The design team structured the brand identity around sustainability and the race to Net Zero, as identifying these as Motive Fuels core values. Through constant communication and feedback, the brand was successfully built. 

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Following the successful creation of the brand identity for Motive Fuels, our web developers built a brand-new website that epitomised the sustainability of the brand. 


Communication between Ginger Root and Motive Fuels has only grown, with us proudly helping in brand and design support for such a forward-thinking organisation.