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NHS Nottingham & Nottinghamshire

NHS covid vaccine marketing campaign goes viral at a national level.


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Amidst the global pandemic, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire tasked Ginger Root with developing an urgent marketing campaign to encourage residents to get vaccinated.


They needed a colourful, light-hearted and engaging visual with a catchy tagline that would appeal to a younger audience. The campaign needed to be transferable for roll out across traditional print mediums — in addition to digital and social platforms — with a turnaround of just three days. 

The chosen concept was bold, bright, and punchy. The fist graphic within the campaign logo is a unanimous symbol of solidarity — much needed in the fight against COVID-19. The custom-made font compliments the striking graphics alongside the brand guidelines. 


Yellow and green visual effects appeal to the audience with sun rays, reflective of the national heatwave that summer. The high contrast colour palette is seasonal, emotive, and easily distinguished from standard NHS collateral.


The campaign message ‘Grab a Jab’ is the result of a strategic process designed to remove the stigma around getting vaccinated. ‘Grab’ is a human impulse which, when paired with the hand graphic, triggers an automatic response. ‘Jab’ is a popular colloquial term chosen to target the younger audience. 


Concept Roll Out


Ginger Root teams worked around the clock to envisage and pitch three initial concepts within the 12-hour timeframe. These were shared amongst multiple contacts and several levels of authority at the NHS.


The preferred concept was given the go-ahead and roll out began immediately.

Campaign messaging, animated digital displays and print materials for the launch weekend were created.


Within three days of receiving the initial brief, a full campaign identity was created with snappy messaging, engaging animations, distinctive digital assets and informative print collateral.

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Results on a national level


As a result, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire saw a huge increase in residents receiving their vaccination during launch week.


Our ‘Grab a Jab’ tagline was then picked up on a national level; the hashtag went viral, and the campaign was replicated across the country.