The PSC Group

Merging four separate companies into one umbrella brand and four sub-brands.


  • Brand

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One brand, five logos


The PSC Group had grown significantly, encompassing four separate companies. For both the umbrella brand, and the sub-brands, the change was a momentous one and required new branding and brand roll out support, to help communicate the shift to employees and clients.


First and foremost, the team at Ginger Root completed a full investigation into the PSC Group, its sub-brands, how they all work and their over-arching purpose.

Collective individuality


By understanding the existing businesses as much as possible, we were able to create several concepts for The PSC Group. Each was designed to maintain and respect the individuality of the sub brands, whilst unifying them under the umbrella brand. Each sub brand was therefore designed to comfortably stand on its own, as well as clearly link back visually to The PSC Group brand.



The chosen concept featured a spherical logo for The PSC Group which, when dissected, showed the four separate sub-brands. Each logo had its own colour which represented the individual business, and the main PSC Group logo featured all the colours combined.


Brand guidelines and roll out


Behaviours, core values, brand voice and application were drawn up to build extensive brand guidelines that the business and suppliers could utilise to assist the roll out and all outputs moving forward.


A manifesto document was created to support internal roll out, specifying how the new brand was to be used, from email footers and clothing, to catalogues and product labels.


Further brand roll out and marketing support has included social media, signage, exhibition collateral and stationery.




Digital interpretation


The structure of The PSC Group was reflected in web design too. A central PSC Group website was designed and built, along with separate sites for each sub-brand. Each had relevant, bespoke information and projects but easily and clearly linked back to the umbrella company, as well as to each other.


We continue to support The PSC Group with their brand rollout through internal and external products such as employee clothing, email signatures, product branding and catalogues.