Our 5 step process to building a website

As well as our own, we have created a number of websites for our clients.

There is a lot involved in designing and building a website, but here is our 5 step process for how we design a user-friendly, bespoke site that works for our clients.

(Don’t worry, we’ve left out the super techy stuff!)


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Step 1

Understanding the clients’ business

Most importantly, in order to design a website that works, you need to understand what the main aim of it is. Understanding the business and what their main business goals are will start to help narrow down the structure right away. At this early stage we start to take into account the branding, tone of voice, key conversion markers and target market of the business.

Step 2

Research and planning

Researching industry and competitors is our next step. At this point, we look into how the industry works, who are the key competitors and what are they doing that works well or doesn’t. Based on the business goals, industry standards and market research, we begin to draw up a plan for the structure of the website. Timescales and action points are confirmed at this point.

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Step 3

Concept and design

After drawing up a plan that our clients are happy with, we begin designing a number of concepts for the look and usability of the website. The final agreed design is then implemented, and appropriate content is populated across the site. It is at this stage that the main bulk of building a website begins.

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Step 4

Testing and optimisation

Test, test and test again! Once we’re pretty happy with the website structure, content and layout, we run various tests to make sure that all links work, the navigation is effective and that all relevant information that is needed is included. This is also the point at which we further optimise the entire site to improve the SEO, ready for launch. The Marketing Team work on various elements to help the site be as clear and concise as possible for users and search engines.

Step 5

Publish, promote and measure

Once the site is working, tested, optimised and the client is happy, it’s time to publish it! If agreed with the client, the Marketing Team will then help promote the launch of the new website through a number of digital platforms and monitor its performance.

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Looking to update your website or simply wanting help reviewing your current user experience or SEO? Get in touch today on hello@ginger-root.co.uk or 0115 88 00 181.

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