Our brand new Creative Studio

Due to our ever-growing team at Ginger Root, the Creative Team have moved into a shiny new office above our main production office.

Not only is it a little more quiet downstairs, (don’t tell them we said that) but it’s the perfect excuse to jazz up blank studio space in the only way Ginger Root creatives know how. Funky wall graphics and groovy furniture, of course.

creative studio wall graphics fitting      ginger root studio desk 

Creative Director Alex Crabtree took on the task of designing the wall graphics for the new office and said “the overall style is based on the Ginger Root branding and uses a monochromatic palette with accents of orange. We like to keep our branding monochrome, allowing our clients to bring the colour. The colours also create a nice contrast to the rustic wooden desks and bright orange upcycled sideboard.”

orange sideboard ginger root creative studio      studio fitting graphics ginger root creative studio

“The large blackout wall was designed to break up the white of the room and create a bold backdrop to the studio. Both quotes were chosen due to their significance in what we do. One focuses on customer service and our mission statement for always aiming to ‘wow’ our clients. The other is our ethos for creative design, ‘think more, design less’. We believe that the best and most significant creative work is done off screen.”

The stark contrast of white and black gives the office a modern, edgy feel next to the bright, retro furniture. The empty wall space behind the door has also been left for pining inspirational graphics, work and examples which is will be continually changing.

Most importantly, the space further improves our client services, providing a dedicated area designed for creative thinking and meetings.

Considering a rebrand, need a brochure designed or just fancy a nose at the new studio? Get in touch on 0115 88 00 181 or hello@ginger-root.co.uk