Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust is responsible for the protection and funding of Britain’s last major bellfoundry and the historical value that coincides with it.

The Brief

It is crucial that the Trust communicates it’s messaging well through their branding, website and marketing collateral, in order to gain donations and to build a reputation. Loughborough Bellfoundry came to Ginger Root for support improving their brand and marketing output to raise awareness of the Trust and encourage donations.


The Approach

Our Design Team started by conducting research methods in order to best create a reflective and strategic brand. This followed three stages; beginning with sending investigation documents to select members within the Trust. As many of the questions were ‘open’, therefore requiring qualitative responses, our team were able to gain real insight to the internal activity and brand perception within the organisation. This was triangulated with external investigations by conducting third party content analysis, in order to understand an un-biased viewpoint on the bellfoundry.

Finally, the team conducted primary research through an overt observation of the processes within the bellfoundry, which involved visiting the site. Having collected a good range of professional research, the team were fully prepared to construct an informed brand strategy.

Having gained brand strategy approval, the team were in a position to create and propose three initial design concepts to form the basis of the Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust’s visual identity. Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust were presented with the team’s three key concepts, choosing the one they believed best reflected the organisation. After deciding on the most suitable concept, finalisations could then commence with creation of brand guidelines. Creating the brand guidelines is an important stage to branding, as it ensures any future branded work is consistent which is an important step to communicating a strong and trustworthy brand. The full brand guidelines, for example, were used to design booklets for distributing and raising awareness of the Trust.


The Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust also needed a website that displayed information in a stylistic, yet informative manner in order to attract and convert users. A brand-new website was built by the in-house Web Team using the branding design by our in-house designers. Our teams built the website using the content-management system ‘WordPress’ which allows the Trust to edit and update the content independently and on demand. Through the building of this website, our developers also created a custom-made JavaScript map which highlights specific information when chosen on a map feature. By abiding by our usual guidelines and general practices, our teams managed to collaboratively build a website with impressive UX, SEO, security, speed and Google Analytics, as well as other integral features.


The Outcome

As a result, Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust now have a professionally developed, fully branded website, and have a valuable and reflective brand guideline to transfer on to all digital and physical communications. This gives Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust the potential to build momentum during their fundraising activities with a recognisable and unique branding.