Ginger Root Marketing Team gains a new member

Life as a Marketing Placement Student at Ginger Root

Hello! My name is Jade Ordish and I began my placement year at Ginger Root over two months ago as Marketing Assistant. My initial task as a newbie was to log my experience as Ginger Root’s first Marketing intern in a blog post. Since writing this, I have become qualified on Google Analytics with an advanced certification, began a Google AdWords course as well as become accustomed to the tasks and lingo of real life Marketing. Having studied the field at university, it has already been fascinating to put some of the current theory to practice at Ginger Root.


Starting any new job can be a daunting experience – especially when it’s your very first day starting work! I’m sure all of the students out there can relate to the struggle of starting a 9-5 day… a TOTAL shock for me being fresh out of uni! From avoiding saying names for the first week whilst I tried desperately to remember them, to the many outfit changes the night before. Here’s a tip for your first day… if they say smart casual, do NOT turn up in a blazer!!Jade-Staszkiewicz-Marketing-Manager-Ginhger-Root

My role at Ginger Root is to assist the Marketing Manager for a year before I return to university to complete my 3rd year, hopefully with a mass of knowledge, experience and motivation. I will be assisting with both client work and Ginger Root’s own company marketing. However, how can I market a company I don’t know anything about? This leads me to my first 2 weeks getting to know the business…


I began by shadowing the Web Development Team, primarily getting to know their amazing new software ‘Strend’.


Despite the entire web development process going straight over my head; the abilities of Strend were fairly simple to grasp. Strend is a software that makes digital marketing easy and effective by organising and creating material for social media automatically. One example of its ability is creating a constant supply of social media posts for a brand by reading the website, taking sentences and pairing these with fresh imagery which will reiterate the same content in a new angle.

This is perfect for staying relevant and establishing a strong social media presence! Take a closer look at Strend’s website for more details if this sounds good for you.


My next day involved getting to know the Design Team.


It was great to see some of their previous work and learn about their creative process. (I got brownie points from director Alex for correctly interpreting Ginger Root’s website graphic, can you link the meaning behind the image?) I even experienced a ‘think tank’ where the team brainstormed after getting a client brief from RSPCA! The teamwork and creative flow was great to witness, and most of all it was amazing to see a brief turn into a final product, going from a sale to design, print and finally, fitting. Here is an example of what can be achieved all in house at Ginger Root!


After getting to know the various teams in the office, I then worked in the print factory for a few days helping out Ginger Roots subsidiary ‘Print Revolution’.

Print-Revolution-Guillotine-Ginger-RootMy first impressions of this facility were incredible. They have tonnes of equipment (pardon the pun), a variety of expertise as well as years of experience. My first task involved prepping and boxing an order of 30,000 products to be cut by the guillotine. It was impressive to witness products coming to life here, and so much fun getting involved in the making! My favourite task was rounding the corners of some popular playing cards that I will soon see on sale, knowing that I was responsible for the final stage in print!


Having experienced all aspects of the company, I most enjoyed seeing how each service works together to produce a collective result. I also really enjoyed wearing high vis and a hard hat when director Anthony took me on a client visit to a building site! Each member of the team at Ginger Root are genuinely lovely people and form an amazing place to work. Ginger Root value fun in their company and I can without a doubt say working here is just that! In between the odd friendly insult, there is a very relaxed and welcoming vibe in both the office and factory, as well as *mostly* good music and constant supply of tea and biscuits. I cannot wait to start learning more within the marketing for Ginger Root – so watch this space!!