Derwent Students came to Ginger Root for an engaging campaign that would stand out from their competitors and increase sales compared to the previous year.



For Derwent Students’ annual loyalty campaign to encourage students to rebook for the following academic year, the team wanted to do something more interactive and fun than anything they had done previously.

We provided the team there with a number of concepts to fit the brief and settled on the theme of travel and a “return ticket” for students to book again for the next academic year.

Staff across their many UK properties embraced the concept and transformed their receptions into airport-like check-ins. With this came a highly effective campaign that engaged the site teams and customers, resulting in a huge increase in sales figures compared to the year prior.


“The concept and design that Ginger Root created for us was innovative, fresh, engaging and exciting. As a result of this, our site teams fully embraced the promotion which aided selling.”

J Bruce - Marketing Manager


After launch, brand interaction across all social channels increased. The brand went from having a few hundreds of thousands of followers to over a million in just a few months.