CP Riverside is an alternative school offering secondary aged pupils another chance. They aim to create possibilities and opportunities by encouraging aspiration, providing support and educating their students.

The Brief

The school approached Ginger Root to rebrand CP Riverside and to also design and build their new website. In order to share the school’s visions and objectives, the creative team spent time with CP Riverside, observing and interviewing both pupils and staff to ascertain their key views, ideas and thoughts on what the school stood for. A unique, interactive, data collection process was devised to allow for expression, honesty and communication. This data was then analysed to find key reoccurring words and themes that described the school. Being representative and at the core of CP, this analysis shaped and built the foundations of the brand guidelines and the school’s three core values: educate, support and aspire. From the development of these values, the team developed fonts, colours, style and the overall branding. The colour palette and logo evolved from the previous brand and featured fluid, aquatic colours to reflect the location of the school which is set next to the River Trent.

CP Riverside Logo
CP Primary Monogram
CP Educate
CP Support
CP Aspire


Following their rebrand, the team then worked on designing and building a new website. The brief required us to merge two pre-existing sites into one website on a platform which could be easily maintained by the school. They required an easy to use site which was Ofsted compliant. Stylistically they wanted to look professional yet be different from generic education establishments. Their main aim was to promote the school to prospective parents, students and agencies. The final website featured the three core values of the school throughout and extrapolated the brand colours, fonts and logo variations. It was Ofsted compliant and very well received by the school.

CP riverside website mobile digital web


To support further communication of the rebrand and to increase social media activity and website traffic, the marketing team created a content calendar for CP Riverside’s Twitter account. Content regarding the rebrand, information about the school, industry news and school events was shared to increase interest and engagement. Within the first 6 weeks of Twitter management, the number of users on the website that were driven from Twitter increased by 440%.

CP Riverside Twitter marketing Ginger Root