Better Boda is a social enterprise based in the Kanungu district of Uganda. Like many African countries, Motorcycle taxis (or “Boda Boda’s”) are the primary form of transport.

Unlike other motorcycle taxi businesses, Better Boda are tackling road safety and motorbike ownership to help drivers and passengers across rural Uganda.

Ginger Root’s Creative Director, Alex Crabtree, worked with the creator of Better Boda, Mark Yallop, to help bring this new brand to life.

Using the Ugandan flag colours and a soft, rustic font, the Creative Team came up with a colourful and friendly logo for the brand. The next project will be designing the website, which the team will base on the current branding.

   Better Boda Ginger Root White Logo

Better Boda gives motorcycle riders the opportunity to own their own motorbikes, which many other companies do not.

Currently, 75% of drivers rent their motorcycles from landlords with little chance of being able to save to afford their own motorbikes. Better Boda drivers get brand new motorcycles and pay an affordable weekly rate. This means that drivers will see their disposable income double when they have completed the lease and own their own vehicle.

As well as financial benefits, Better Boda drivers will be required to wear helmets at all time, adhere to motorcycle service plan, undergo road safety and first aid training and wear a personalized high visibility jacket.

Better Boda Ginger Root

Currently, less than 1% of motorcycle passengers and less than half of all drivers in Uganda wear helmets.

Better Boda are currently seeking funding for their website, so keep any eye out for more, coming soon!

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