ASH Door Furniture and Entrance Specialists is a team of Nottingham-based engineers and craftsmen who create beautiful door handles and entrance features.

Previously, ASH owned multiple active websites that had similar content and messaging, making their branding inconsistent and confusing.


The Brief

This inconsistency did not reflect the high-quality service ASH are able to deliver, nor did it create a smooth customer journey for those searching and reviewing ASH online. In order to better ASH’s branding and user experience (UX), our Design Team and Web Development Team were tasked with redesigning and combining existing content onto a singular coherent website. ASH also required new imagery that could be used on the website and across other marketing materials.


The Approach

Whilst building ASH’s new website, along with our usual search optimisation and general improvement features, our Web Team created a custom functionality bespoke to ASH. This is an advanced enquiry form, guiding users through product options such as finish type and sizing. The system then collects all of the relevant information and provides additional detail for users on specifications based on their requested product. This enquiry is then ready to be sent to ASH for a quote, which can be sent immediately, or held whilst the user explores the site further. This unique functionality can be seen in the bright orange box next to products, making it easily accessible and obvious to users.

Our Web Team were also able to add a chatbot feature that appears when a user is active on the website, offering help or assistance via submitting a message to an ASH employee.

This interactivity helps to ensure customer service is well executed and that any issues or queries are encouraged to be dealt with; retaining those warm leads who may otherwise be tempted to go elsewhere.



The outcome was a brand new and attractive website that better represented the high-quality service through both design and functionality. The old sites were removed to avoid future confusion to customers and the added functionalities on the site made finding and enquiring about products easier.

Our in-house photographer took photos at their warehouse to provide fresh, unique imagery that was used across the website to showcase their products, the team and the processes involved in making their products. This provided personality, credibility and professionalism to the brand.