Andy reaches Everest Base Camp for charity

Director Andy recently embarked on a journey to Everest Base Camp, testing both his physical and mental endurance in aid of a local charity.

As he lands safely back in the UK (welcome back Andy!) we take a look back over his challenging venture to the world’s highest mountain.


Everest_Team_Ginger_Root     Andy_Everest_Jump_Ginger_Root

The journey for Andy and the team began before they even set foot in Nepal. They first had to survive landing in the ‘most dangerous airport in the world’ found in Lukla, earning its title through several features. Lukla’s airport has a runway of just 1,729 feet; almost half of the length of East Midlands Airport! To account for this, Lukla airport has an uphill gradient of 12% which helps to slow the plane on landing.

With the surrounding mountains nearby, and unpredictable weather and visibility conditions adding to the danger, pilots must have a breadth of flight experience and qualifications to attempt a flight here. Thankfully, Andy and the team arrived safely after over 11 hours of flying.

“A truly great experience and one I shall never forget”


Yaks_Everest_Trek_Ginger_Root     Andy_Everest_View_ginger_rppt

On arrival, Andy and the team were met by their amazing guides who supported them mentally and physically on their trek. As well as leading the way up the trek, the guides also carried two large bags each, without hesitation. With the help of these guides, the team would trek around 5-8 miles a day spread across eight days and nights of travel. In freezing conditions, a very high altitude, heavy luggage and tough terrain, the team recuperated in tea houses with a communal room and very few comforts.

Despite admitting the difficulties in this trek, Andy and the team experienced sights and events that few are lucky enough to see with their own eyes. Seeing Yaks and Donkeys rule the mountain, suspension bridges with several hundred feet of freezing rivers and rocks below and the astounding beauty of the mountain itself, are memories they will keep forever.

We are so proud of Andy for reaching Everest Base Camp and for the money he has raised for the animals at RSPCA Radcliffe. A massive well done to Andy and the team!