Katie Moran


Katie Moran

Ginger since 2017.



You’ll find me working with… clients. 


My typical day includes… an early morning coffee, walk and talk with Alex; we cover a few miles and plan for the day and week ahead, prioritising tasks ‘on the business’ to move GR forwards. I then get to the office around 9am and settle into client liaison and sales—my happy place. Then it’s onto lunch often supplied by a local deli or Deliveroo. In the afternoons, I tend to be working with the team to solve any of their issues followed by business planning specifically focussing on strategy, growth and sales. In the evenings, I read, learn and catch up with emails in between cooking, wine and [currently] watching episodes of Stranger Things. 


I’m a specialist in… planning, sales and strategy. 





You’ll probably find me eating… something savoury—I’m an order 5 starters and no pudding kinda person. However, a jacket with butter, cheese and beans with a side of garlic bread is unbeatable. 


I’m usually watching… Harry Potter, Come Dine With Me or Dinner Date on repeat—aka trash. 


When I’m not in the office I’ll be… either in the sunshine, usually Mallorca, but often on city breaks or beach hopping with the girls or my other half. Or on some kind of building site in the middle of a property renovation.