Daniel Agnew


Daniel Agnew

Ginger since 2021.



You’ll find me working on… booklets & brochures; brand campaigns and rollout; designing a website; motion graphics and posters. Take your pick, every day is different. (Also trying to arrange a podcast).


My typical day includesaiming to spend the first half hour of the day learning or developing a new design skill or technique. Followed by a catch up meeting for the day, then I dive into whatever work I have on for the day.


I’m a specialist in… typography and motion graphics.





You’ll probably find me eating… whatever I have in the fridge. It lets me get experimental but also I always forget go shopping, so I need to make do.


I’m usually watchinganything thriller or serious. Or if the day has drained me, something that I don’t need to pay attention to, to help me wind down.


When I’m not in the office I’ll be… probably hanging out at the gym. I would say working out, but I tend to get distracted easily.