Chris Harston


Chris Harston

Ginger since 2022



You’ll find me working on… a bit of everything creative! From concept sketches to 3D animations and everything in between. 


My typical day includes… constant variety – it could be animating one day, and modelling 3D creative the next. No day is ever the same and I love it that way! ...And coffee – always coffee, of course. 


I’m a specialist in… concept creative and ideation - my desk is always covered in notes and sketches as my mind is buzzing with fresh ideas of how to push things further.  





You’ll probably find me eating… cheese. I am a definite turophile (noun. a connoisseur or lover of cheese). And EVERYTHING else, food is life!  


I’m usually watching… the latest shows streaming – if I can keep up, this is peak TV after all! Or Bluey, if my kids are in control, and sometimes even when they aren’t Bluey is great. 


When I’m not in the office I’ll be… chasing my two little children around a park, exasperated doing DIY and renovation around my house or getting my head down for as much sleep as I can possibly manage – it can be rather minimal with two living alarm clocks.