Alex Crabtree

Creative Director

Alex Crabtree

Ginger since 2015.



You’ll find me working on… creative direction.


My typical day includes… I wouldn’t say my days could be described as typical, which is why I love them!! The only real consistent items are coffee, lunch and that Katie and I start the day with a walk and talk to discuss what we can do each day to help achieve GR’s longer goals. As for the rest of the day, whilst they all use the same activities - client meetings, advising, creating, delegating or chatting, the subjects and outcomes of these vary from day to day. If variety is the spice of life, it’s most likely Ginger Root.


I’m a specialist in… making stuff up. As a child this is seen as a bad thing, as an adult you can get paid for it! I feel lucky to have found the job I was built for and genuinely love it. Would I have preferred to be a pro sportsman on 100s of pounds a week? Yes but, I have found the creative industries to be an incredibly rewarding and powerful workplace. Its agile, constantly evolving and mapping society as it goes. I find it truly fascinating that society has evolved to a point where businesses have to adopt human characteristics in order to succeed. People buy from people.





You’ll probably find me eating… 3 times a day. Anything, I’m not fussy and will try anything. Love food.


I’m usually watching… online vids, I don’t really watch TV anymore in fact, I think I can say for the first time… I’ve read more books this year than watched TV shows / films. Books and Short videos fit my schedule a little better by allowing me to dip in and out without too much investment whilst also satisfying my need for information. Love a documentary.  They say history is instructive and as my job is to create links and connection between client and audience, I believe understanding human behaviour is an integral skill to have.


When I’m not in the office I’ll be… outside the office.