7 Reasons you should be using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service which allows you to see how users find and interact with your website. It provides key information on who your audience is, how they found you, where they came from and how they interact with your site.


Here are our top 7 reasons you should use Google Analytics:

1 – Acquisition

One of the key things that you can identify in Analytics is how you acquire your web traffic. This means that you can see which other digital channels (such as social media or Google search) drive traffic to your website.

2 – Behaviour

This is all about how people behave on your website. This data identifies which pages are most visited, how users move around your website and where they leave. This is good for identifying your customer journey and seeing if you need to improve usability at all

3 – Effectiveness

The ability to track your customer journey and see how users interact with your site means that you can check the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns. Generating a social media campaign, for example, can be measured on Analytics to highlight its effectiveness.

4 – Audience

You probably already know who your target audience is, but analytics can help confirm the demographic of your users and identify people you may not have considered or known about before.

5 – Content

Being able to see what content is gaining the most engagement and traffic is very valuable. What topics you’re discussing, how you’re providing content, and which channels you’re sharing it on, are all measurable

6 – Conversions

A conversion is something that you would identify as a “result”, which could be someone sending a contact form, signing up to a newsletter or making a purchase. Knowing what channels, campaigns or mediums have the highest conversion rate is extremely useful.

7 – Measuring, targets and reporting

Being able to easily compare activity on your site between specific timeframes helps show successes and failures. Analytics enables you to measure the successes of campaigns and, therefore, quantify activity. Reports and ROI can also be generated for measuring and presenting results.

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