5 top tips for building a successful business

Our five specialist teams at Ginger Root have shared their number one ‘top tip’ for building a successful business, covering design, web, marketing, clothing and print.


Top tip #1: Design must look AND sound good!


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First up, our Designers explains that despite living in a visual world, design is NOT all about ‘looking pretty’.

Living in a visual world means that designs are judged first and foremost by their appearance; making the visual imperative to grabbing the customers eye. Whilst attracting attention and interest IS a crucial first stage to a design, the message behind the design must also be well communicated in order to ultimately convert the customer by creating desire leading to action. These two elements must work in unison for a design to be successful. Otherwise, customers will drop off the purchase cycle at first glance!

* Bonus points go to our Design Team for unknowingly following Elmo Lewis’ AIDA model. *


Top tip #2: Invest in good quality business cards.


Having years of experience in print, our team really know what’s what in the printing world. Their printing ‘hack’ highlights the benefit in buying good quality business cards which often shape your first (and lasting) impression on potential clients.

This low-cost, high payoff, practical tip may boost your client enquiry numbers and improve your general perception. What follows is down to you!


Top tip #3: Utilise Google Analytics (aka FREE data).

Marketing analytics website digital

Tip from our Marketers – evaluate your Google Analytics!

This provides you with a fantastic insight into how your customers interact with your brand online and what makes your business successful; and at no cost at all. You can improve your website UX, the type of content you share and the types of adverts you show, just by dissecting and understanding your data.

Providing you have set up your website with Javascript tracking codes, Google Analytics is a free analytics tool available for any website of any size and can track your customers acquisition, behaviour and conversion activity. Hoorah for Google!


Top tip #4: Only purchase garments that serve your exact needs.


Our Clothing and Promo team advise businesses to consider the functionality of what their products need, before they place an order.

There are many products available for customisation – so don’t settle for anything less than perfect. It is a surprisingly common error to order a popular item such as a standard t-shirt when your company needs something more specific. Whether the need is reinforced seams, lightweight, or heavyweight; make sure you invest in a product that serves you! This will increase customer satisfaction and save money on replacing units worn down through mispurpose.


Top tip #5: Never stop working on your website.


A website is your company hub – a place to attract, inform and convert customers.

Our Web Team advise companies to treat websites less like products and more like investments that need updating, maintaining and a good start-up. Like many things in business, the more you spend in start-up, the less you spend overall. Setting your content management system to WordPress is a simple way to easily access your website’s ‘backdoor’ and keep on top of content relevance and quality.

As for the initial design – spare no expense! Allow your business to be successful by expressing your brand effectively and drive your traffic to a website you can be proud of.


If you would like to know more about our print, design, web, clothing and marketing expertise, please say ‘hello’!