5 things to help your brand, right now

5 things to help your brand, right now


There is a lot of information flying around about what you should and shouldn’t do right now. What is deemed a good idea one day, is slammed the next.

Some businesses have returned from their temporary closure to begin trading again, albeit in a less interactive way, whilst others continue to freeze activity whilst they figure it all out.

We have listed our 5 key tips for how you can help your brand right now and better your chances of success moving forward, however that might be for your business.



For once, we’re in an unusual position of actually understanding what our audience is going through. This means that you can truly empathise with them and gain a better understanding of what they are going through.

Now is the time to use this knowledge and be empathetic to your audience. If you wouldn’t want businesses sending you sales emails every other day, then don’t do it to your customers. If you’re a parent working from home, struggling to balance home schooling and work life, consider the types of content and times at which you distribute it to better suit your customers who are in the same boat.

Ask yourself how you can help and make things easier for your customers.

Create engaging content

Everyone has been forced online and businesses need to communicate solely through digital platforms. With so much content being distributed online, it is now even more important to try and stand out. Now is most certainly not the time for radio silence, though this may seem like the safest option.

Your content needs to be more engaging than the average. Not only this, but it needs to be relevant and appropriate.

Make sure you use the right tone of voice and stay relevant. Keep on top of world news, industry news and what your competitors are doing. Brainstorm with your colleagues to conjure up new ideas and focus on what you can provide with your expertise. It’s time to think more outside of the box than you ever have before.

Use this free content planner to help organise your content distribution.

Review your audience

Audience behaviour will have changed. Whether it’s a decrease in conversions or an increase in how much your online content is being consumed, the way people are engaging, and purchasing is very different at present.

Check your analytics and make sure you understand what your audience is looking at right now, what time they’re looking at it and if your audience demographic has maybe even changed altogether.

Use this time to review your audience personas. Their situation and motivations have changed, so it is worth revisiting to ensure you are speaking to them in the correct way and addressing the correct pain points that they will have currently.

Be human

Authenticity is what people need right now. It is time for your brand to be human and to empathise with your audience. Be humble and down-to-earth. This should radiate through your content, tone of voice and messaging.

Engage with your customers and be understanding. Have conversations on social media and be approachable, positive and compassionate.

Those brands who put their hard sales tactics to one side and spend the time entertaining, helping and communicating with their customers are the ones who will be remembered.

Build trust

This is something that has been talked about for some time but has now been thrust into the marketing limelight again.

People are wary. They’re unsure of what the future will hold and of the lasting impact the pandemic will have. Generating new leads is more tough now. Consumers will only want to engage with and purchase from brands that they trust. Build on the relationships that you do have and work on your retention strategy.

Be seen to be trustworthy and honest. Create a sense of community and do what you can to show support to your audience right now. Embody your brand values where you can and, to refer back to the previous point, be authentic.


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