5 great things about working with a creative agency

Not sure if working with a creative agency is right for your business?


Some of the most common concerns we hear from businesses include “I don’t want to lose control of my brand”, “an agency won’t understand our industry”, “we won’t be able to afford it” and “we know what works for our customers already”.

Here are five great things about working with a creative agency and how it might just be perfect for you and your business!

ginger-root-blog-creative-agency1. A fresh pair of eyes

Knowing your customers inside out is one thing, but being so close to your product or service can often mean you don’t see your business the way others might.

An external party can bring a whole new perspective to your brand, resulting in a fresh, innovative approach in a way you might never have considered.


2. Experience and skills

All businesses are specialist in their specific industry. Skills and experience found in a creative agency are therefore not often found in all businesses, especially SMEs.

Working with a creative agency allows your business access to these skills, without having to source them in-house which is often more costly.


3. Access all areas

Creative agencies can offer multiple services, meaning they can support the creation and delivery of a product or campaign.

At Ginger Root, for example, we can produce complete marketing campaigns, from design right through to print, fitting, branded clothing and digital assets.

Having all of your branding and marketing running through one place can help consolidate it and make it stronger. You can also avoid any miscommunications that could occur if you were working with multiple suppliers.


Derwent-Campaign-Ginger-Root-Creative-Agency4. Increase leads and sales

Producing an innovative campaign to make you stand out against competitors can help generate new leads and improve sales.

A creative agency will work with you to understand your business and your market. They can then do all of the legwork for you, using their specialisms to identify, research, plan and run effective campaigns, leaving you to do what you do best.


5. Save time

Though working with a creative agency is a collaborative effort, outsourcing work will ultimately save you time and often money (despite what many might initially think!)

Creative agencies take the workload off of you and allow you more time to concentrate on your business or other areas of your job role.


Still unsure if a creative agency is right for you? Contact us today to arrange a chat about how we might be able to help your business! hello@ginger-root.co.uk or 0115 88 00 181

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