5 acts of humanity

5 great acts of humanity to make you smile.

One of the good things about difficult times is that it can often bring out the best in people. These businesses and brands, both big and small, are examples of humanity at its best. We’ve chosen 5 ways that people, businesses and brands have come together to act selflessly and altruistically to use their services, expertise and influence to benefit others in a time of need.

National Trust give public free access

In honour of their mission statement ‘to enable people and nature to thrive’, the National Trust has lifted all entry and parking fees (where possible). Therefore giving the public access to open areas, in consideration of the social distancing statement of the government’s action plan. Despite closing all indoor areas to protect their staff and the public, their open areas remain accessible. This selfless act from the National Trust will give the charity no monetary or commercial gain. It shows solidarity in solitude, encouraging people to still enjoy nature and provide those who are anxious about isolation, an option to safely and freely go outside.

See their full statement here.

Retailers take action

Sainsbury’s have taken swift action against the global pandemic by introducing intelligent measures to protect societies vulnerable members and to attempt to flatten the scarcity of certain key products. On March 19th, all of Sainsburys’ 600 UK stores dedicated their first hour of shopping to the elderly and vulnerable. This is in aid of creating a safe and calm shopping environment during a daunting time for these groups. It is also met by their online delivery priority scheme for the elderly and disabled as of March 23rd. Finally, Sainsbury’s have implemented limitations on high-in-demand goods to two items maximum per customer.

Find out more about Sainsbury’s action plan here.

Social Media Influencer donates 100% of profits

Social Media Influencer Olivia Bowen has recently announced a collaboration with online fashion retailer ‘in the style’. In light of recent events, Love Island’s Olivia has decided to donate a massive 100% of all profits to ageuk in support of the elderly. This is a fantastic way to use a high-profiled platform to benefit others and to spread positive influence amongst a large number of followers.

See Olivia’s collection here.

Italian 3D printer company rescues hospital  

An Italian hospital reportedly had around 250 coronavirus patients in intensive care but had a shortage of respiratory valves that assist patient’s connection to breathing machines. A local 3D printer company took initiative and spent three hours designing a prototype to perfectly replicate the respiratory valve. They have spent days manufacturing these valves, contributing towards the recovery of hundreds of lives!

Read more on this topic here.

Beauty Banks raise over £85,000

Beauty Banks is a charity who help those living in ‘hygiene poverty’. This refers to people who cannot afford to keep clean – which is especially important during a pandemic. Therefore, the charity began an emergency Go Fund Me page aiming to raise £50,000 to help provide hygiene necessities to people who may not be able to afford them. As a pre-established charity, this organisation can get access to supplies of these scarce items. The generosity of donators has enabled Beauty Banks to distribute valuable goods to people who really need it.

Support this amazing cause here.


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