10 advertising campaigns to make you smile

In honour of World Smile Day, we’ve collated 10 advertising campaigns that’ll bring a smile to your face.


For the big kids

Lego encourages children to use their imagination. The shadow on this simple campaign reflects what lego looks like through the eyes of a child, seeing much more than just lego pieces and reminding us just how powerful children’s imaginations can be. Ahh.

World_Smile_Day_Blog_Lego_Advert_Ginger_Root  Lego_Ad_World_Smile_Day_Blog_Ginger_Root

Reason to smile: Resonates with the big kid in all of us.

KFC say ‘FCK’

One of our favourites – KFC’s famous comeback! If you remember KFC’s chicken shortage last year, you’ll most likely remember the comeback campaign too. Rewriting their branded acronym to ‘FCK’ on an empty chicken tub, KFC gained perhaps even more respect than they had before, purely for their bold self-ridicule.


Reason to smile: A refreshingly honest approach to a mishap by a huge brand. Touché, KFC.

An a-peeling Christmas card

This next design was made by our in-house designers for recruitment client ‘Stirling Warrington’. Below is a Christmas card design, based around their banana branding which has connotations to previous campaigns such as developing ‘a peel’ and being a ‘top banana’.

World_Smile_Day_Blog_Stirling_Warrington_Advert_Ginger_Root   Stirling_Warrington_A_Peel_Advert_World_Smile_World

Reason to smile: Puns about bananas. Enough said.

A whole new meaning to finger painting

WWF’s ‘Give a Hand to Wildlife’ campaign is a very strong and effective advert. Despite not necessarily noticing right away, this campaign features paintings of animals on human hands. It’s designed to play on the campaign’s slogan as well as be eye-catching and shareable.

WWF_advert_world_smile_day_blog  wwf_campaign_world_smile_day_blog_ginger_root

Reason to smile: A good campaign for a good cause.

Purrfect packaging

Felix thought outside of the box (quite literally) for this clever packaging design. They designed their boxes of cat food so that when boxes were shelved together, they created full cat faces. A clever tactic to make their product more noticeable in a busy environment – especially to cat fans!

Felix_Food_World_Smile_Day Blog

Reason to smile: A giant cat face smiling at you down the supermarket aisle.

BC phone home

Three UK released this TV advert in 2018 to fight against the negative stigma surrounding mobile phones at the time. The #PhonesAreGood campaign reflected on typically negative or difficult historical events, showing how things could have actually improved had mobile phones been around then. Pretty funny stuff.

Reason to smile: Henry VIII using Tinder.

Freaky fast food

It’s great to see a brand get creative, and McDonalds are notorious for it. In these Halloween campaigns, they created bloody fangs using their classic fries and cheese with ketchup. These on theme, fun adverts can do nothing but bring a smile to your face (okay, and maybe a slight craving for a Big Mac meal).

McDonalds_Advert_Halloween_World_Smile_Day_Blog  mcdonalds_halloween_ad_burger_World_Smile_Day_Blog_Ginger_Root

Reason to smile: The more you look at them, the more you see how clever they are.

A higher approach to hiring

Another one created by our team of Creatives, this time for clients ‘Potter Clarkson’ who were looking to hire a new employee. Thinking laterally (or literally), our design team used the homophones ‘higher’ and ‘hire’ during the campaign to attract customer attention. Using both words alongside imagery that also reflects them makes the campaign work on multiple levels.

Potter_Clarkson_Advert_World_Smile_Day_Blog_Ginger_Root  Potter_Clarkson_Elevate_Advert_World_Smile_Day_Blog_Ginger_Root

Reason to smile: A word, that sounds like another word, in an image about the word. Word inception.

A smile to make you laugh

Two elements have been removed from the image in this funny ad but it cleverly guesses that you only initially spotted one. When you see it, you can’t unsee it. We only hope that this was a Photoshop job and that the guy didn’t actually have to lose a tooth and an eyebrow for the sake of the campaign…


Reason to smile: A toothless man with one eyebrow on a mind reading advert.

Now you see it, now you also see it

This advert by Jeep uses the strapline “see whatever you want to see” twice, encouraging you to look at the advert upside down, too. Whichever way you look, you see a different animal, reinforcing the messaging that Jeep enables you to go anywhere and to see anything. Genius.


Reason to smile: Intelligent adverts with two cute animals for the price of one. Win win!

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